10 Day Grain-free Challenge

  • Do you find digestion (bloating, gas, poor elimination) to be an issue?
  • Are you ready to lose weight and improve your health?
  • Do you suffer from an auto-immune disease such as Celiac, Hashimoto’s,  or Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  • Are you tired of being too fatigued to live your life fully?

A grain-free diet can be key to helping your body heal! We will start a 10 Day Grain Detox where you will learn how to effectively eliminate processed grains while increasing whole and nourishing food.

How this works

You’ll have support both from the group and individualized attention in weekly calls. You will have access to a private page where you can ask questions and share your success.

You didn’t develop these eating habits overnight, so we need to work together to make these lifestyle changes and 10 days will give you a great start! This class is about supporting and helping each other to make significant changes to improve your health.

Fee: $97 which includes teleconferences and individualized support, grain-free recipes, detailed handouts, email support and more.

Teleconference Topics

1: The How & Why of Eating Grain-free (overall plan, shopping lists, fridge & pantry clear-out and re-stock)

2: 10-day Grain Detox Prep (menus provided, expectations from the detox, getting support)

3: Cooking & Baking the Grain-free Way; Celebrate your Grain-free Life!

Our class enrollment begins now for June 5th! Support is provided for 21 days total to help you make the change.

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