14-day Coffee & Caffeine Detox

  • Does going without coffee give you a headache?
  • Do you rely on coffee to get your bowels moving?
  • Do you feel listless or lethargic without caffeine?
  • Are you not a ‘morning person’ until you have had a cup of coffee?

An estimated 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine, whether in coffee or other sources, every single day. Of those, about 50% or more consume more than 300mg per day. Suffice to say, it is America’s top (legal) drug.

Caffeine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system. While it increases alertness, it is addictive with withdrawal effects including headache, anxiety, and tremors, among others.

While many studies have been performed to evaluate the effects of caffeine on one’s health, they are often inconclusive, if not controversial. Since everyone is an individual, caffeine can differ in effect based on your diet, ability to detox caffeine, size, and exercise level. While some clients claim to be able to drink coffee and still have a restful night, others who had a morning cup of joe may have problems, hours later, with insomnia. Your reaction to caffeine is highly individual.

Certain people should abstain or minimize their caffeine intake, including ulcer patients, pregnant women, and those with anemia. But even more people could benefit from reducing or eliminating caffeine for other reasons, including heart health.

Are you ready to face your caffeine addiction and take steps to reduce and/or eliminate the ‘need’ for caffeine?

How this works

You’ll have support both from the group and individualized attention in weekly calls. You will have access to a private page where you can ask questions and share your success.

You likely didn’t develop this caffeine addiction overnight, so we need to work together to make these lifestyle changes and 14 days will give you a great start! This challenge is about getting the support your need to break your caffeine addiction and improve your health.

Fee: $97 which includes teleconferences and individualized support, detailed handouts, email support and more.

Tele-conference Topics

1. Prep work – tracking caffeine intake, understanding the connections caffeine has with our health, preparing for withdrawal symptoms

2. Caffeine Detox Challenge begins!  Substitutes for coffee and caffeine sources, self-care, benefits

3. Celebrating your break from caffeine! How to make the change sustainable in your daily life, evaluation of effects noticed

Register Now – next session begins on May 22nd, 2017!