New Year, New Me

When it comes to the big new year’s resolution, people tend to either make these changes short term, or make the process harder by not changing lifestyle cues that may have lead to poor health in the first place.

Here are four tips to making these changes stick so that you don’t repeat the same resolution next year:

1. Stop looking at “Fad Diets” for the answer

Instead of starting a fad diet you heard was the answer to all your weight loss or health problems, educate yourself on how certain foods and ingredients you consume actually effect your body. Look at food in as fuel and building blocks for your wellness. Jumping onto the newest bandwagon will only have you in tuned to your body and nutrition in a temporary mindset.

2. Stop looking at the scale and look at the mirror

When you begin to increase move and exercise more in addition to changing your eating habits with nutritious foods instead, your weight is going to fluctuate. Those fluctuations come from adding muscle mass, and losing fat tissue. Your level of hydration and loss of water during physical activity can also make the scale your least reliable tool while trying to build better health.

3. Pay Attention to those external cues when eating

When you have the desire to eat or select foods that are not good for your new eating habits, take note mentally or jot them down. Over time, you will learn to you change your environment which can lead to poor food choices. Then you will begin to make it easier on yourself by changing your environment to help change what and how you eat for the better.

4. Eliminate added sugar from meals

Pay attention to those food labels and their sugar content. Look out for other common names of sugar such as sucrose, fructose, and galactose in the ingredients section. Sugar can add surprisingly high amounts of calories to any food. Sugar targets the same regions in the brain as drugs and alcohol when it is ingested. Dopamine reinforces the desire to have more sugar which fuels the hormone release of serotonin, giving you that temporary happy feeling when consumed.

Stick to these tips as much as possible and you’ll find yourself with more energy and health in the new year!


One thought on “New Year, New Me

  1. Somewhere on blog I read that… New Year resolutions is nothing like “list to do” for first week of January maybe two:) It’s sounds like a joke but in many cases it’s true:p


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