Beautiful Body Types

When we think of body types, our minds tend to go to fat, skinny, short, apple-shaped, hourglass, and lots of other funny shapes. Our world is filled with these stereotypes that make us think we have to fit a certain one. When in reality, our bodies are beautiful the way they are. Everyone’s body has a certain structure and genetic makeup that is unique to them. Instead of constantly comparing our bodies and striving for the stick thin figures that we see models in magazines, we should love our bodies the way they are. I am not saying that it is impossible to change your body however it should be done in a healthy way. Aim to be healthy, not to be skinny.

Some people in today’s society are so focused on achieving the “ultimate body” that they sacrifice health by starving themselves or over-exercising to the point of exhaustion. However, this take on diet and exercise will ultimately end in unhappiness. Take your energy and focus it on the positive things in your life. Tell yourself you have an awesome body and by exercising and eating healthy, you are making it even better. Take a positive outlook on your body and you will end up happier and comfortable in your own skin. Think about all the things your body does for you. It gets you from place to place, allows you to have conversations with other, and helps you to enjoy life. In addition, your body maintains all your internal processes to keep you alive. If you take the time to think about how your body supports you and truly appreciate it, you are taking the first step to loving your body. Your body is unique to you and that makes it beautiful!

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