Springing Forward To The Best Time For Sleep

Are you eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle, but still not feeling your best? If so, check to make sure you’re not skipping out on a crucial wellness component: sleep!

Recent research has shown that getting adequate and good quality sleep may not be enough! The timing of your sleep is more important than you think. Getting 8 hours of sleep starting at 11:30pm is much different than starting your slumber earlier. When you go to bed later than 10pm, you are fighting your natural circadian rhythm. Over time, this can cause hormone imbalances, cravings and fatigue.

When you sleep and wake with the sun’s patterns you are following your internal circadian rhythm. This will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and more rested without spending more time in bed. As you find yourself adjusting your clocks next week, set your alarm to wake up with the sun. You’ll be amazed how your body will respond!

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