Spring Clean: Home & Head

Last week, we tackled spring cleaning the body; now let’s look at de-cluttering our environment and spaces. Take time to get rid of any old clothes you no longer wear. This is also a good time to organize your kitchen and get rid of expired foods. Go through your desk and sort papers, update all upcoming events on the calendar, and take 5 minutes to replace ink cartridges or perform any annoying task.

Finally, it is time to check-in on our progress as well as to de-stress and clear our heads. This season is an excellent time to  evaluate progress on those resolutions you made back in January. We can also take this time to clear our minds. One good way to do this is through meditation; beginning this can be as easy as sitting in a quiet space and taking several deep breaths. Take time to notice any thoughts that appear and allow them to pass through. With the mind-body connection, realize that a peaceful mind increases overall health. Utilize this spring energy to create a clear mind, body, and environment!

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