Sustainability, the Environment, & our Diets

What makes a diet sustainable? First, we’ll need to discuss it as it relates to health and to the environment.

The word “sustainable” may be defined as something 1. as able to be maintained at a certain rate or level and 2. conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

With this definition, we can approach the idea of a sustainable diet as one that can endure and continue over a significant length of time.

For an individual, a sustainable diet most likely must both taste good and be enjoyable. It needs to be affordable and to contain all the nourishment needed reach and maintain a healthy weight and high level of vitality. On the other handy, an unsustainable diet is one that promotes overweight or obesity, illness, and/or fatigue, quite possibly leading to disease, especially if the diet is followed long-term. Without a doubt, there is an epidemic of obesity and chronic illness in the United State today which has been strongly linked with the Standard American Diet (SAD). This way of eating is devoid of nutrients and is comprised of too much processed food, meat, fat, and sugar while also being low in whole grains, healthy fats, protein, fruits, and vegetables.

The Standard American Diet is also harming our environment and is not sustainable in this realm. The modern farming and food system is polluting our water, degrading our soil, increasing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, destroying biodiversity, and using up our finite resources and energy during this process. Synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms contribute to many of the world’s ills. A sustainable diet can help conserve our natural resources and biodiversity in our ecosystem while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Consider how you can create a more sustainable diet for yourself and the environment.

One thought on “Sustainability, the Environment, & our Diets

  1. It’s all connected!! People don’t realize how their diet directly affects the environment and you put it beautifully. Nice post thanks for sharing!


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