Brown Rice with Benefits

brown rice

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All rice is not created equal. Brown rice has more nutritional benefits than white rice because it is not as processed and is still fully intact. The hull, the outermost layer of the kernel, is the only removed item from brown rice. Whereas all three layers, the bran, germ layer, and the hull are taken out of white rice. Because the brown rice still has the bran, endosperm, and germ, it is considered a whole grain. Brown rice is filled with nutrients like manganese, selenium, and phosphorous. The manganese helps to produce energy as well helps protect against free radicals. Selenium provides benefits like protecting against cancer, heart disease, and reducing symptoms of inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. Brown rice is also a great source of fiber which is helpful in keeping blood sugar stable as well as reducing cholesterol. Brown rice is rich in several nutrients and is a food that is easily accessible. Throw some in a skillet and make a pilaf!

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