Grocery Guide: What’s Hiding in Your Food?

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Do you ever walk down the packaged food aisle looking for healthy snacks to pack for work and struggle trying to decide which products to get? We often buy something because the front of the package says it is high-fiber, low-sugar, and full of antioxidants. Does this make the packaged food good for you? Not necessarily! Most of these foods on the shelf contain artificial ingredients that are not beneficial to our health.

Here are 5 tips to use while shopping:

1. Look at the ingredients list
2. Count the ingredients and avoid foods with more than 5 ingredients
3. Don’t eat anything with ingredients that you cannot pronounce
4. Avoid added sugars and trans-fats/partially-hydrogenated oils
5. Ask yourself if it can be made at home

Many common snacks such as hummus, smoothies, muffins and cookies can easily be made at home- healthier and cheaper!

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