Are you Singing the Sugar Blues?

Are you experiencing headaches? 3pm energy slumps or mood swings? Hypoglycemic episodes causing candy jar or vending machine visits? How about sugar cravings or needing something sweet after meals?

During a recent presentation on body mindfulness, participants were surprised to see how many symptoms they were experiencing can be related to sugar consumption, even though most attendees are into physical fitness and eating well. 

Because they aren’t eating brownies and caramel sauce on a regular basis, some people believe they aren’t getting much sugar; they are horrifically surprised to learn about the places and ways in which sugar ‘hides’ in their healthy diets.

You are invited to join us in building a truly ‘sweet’ life by enrolling in our next ’25’ Sugar Detox Challenge. Now is the time to join a small group and to get support in committing yourself to 25 days of a Sugar Detox.

Get ready to jump-start and learn more about the impact sugar has on us and how to deconstruct your cravings.


sugar blues

Sugar. It’s a common ingredient added into countless food items – from cereal and condiments to baby food and supposed ‘health foods’. According to the USDA, the average American is consuming close to their own body weight in pounds of sugar each year. This is not because of purchasing and eating the bags of sugar found in the grocery store baking aisle; it’s partially because sugar has many different names which makes it easier to be ‘hidden’ in various products created by the industrial food machines. It’s also because…

Sugar is a drug. Like nicotine, cocaine, or heroin, it is addictive and even considered poisonous by many health experts. Look up the definition of the word ‘drug’ and you’ll see sugar fits. It is a nutrient-less substance – so not only does it add extra calories, but it’s actually responsible for depleting the body of certain vitamins and minerals…

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