Food Truck Love: Challah

Columbus is a city with a burgeoning food truck scene. Want gyros, pizza, tacos or Korean street food? We have it. Recently we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Challah food truck during a visit to a local brewery.

Food trucks, and restaurants in general, can be a bit hit-or-miss when it comes to meeting nutritional and happy-taste-bud standards. So we weren’t exactly sure what to expect as we approached to the truck. Over the next few minutes of conversation with Catie and Janet through Challah’s window, we learned that the menu includes home-made ingredients and can be customized to dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten- or dairy-free) and they are happy to redesign a meal to meet your needs. So far so good. We ordered the avocado beet sandwich sans bread and some salty, vinegary Schmaltz fried potatoes. The next part of the evaluation would be waiting for the taste-buds approval. A few minutes later our food arrived:


Truthfully, we dove in with gusto and almost forgot to photograph!

We needn’t have had any reservations. The creamy avocado, pickled beets, fresh onion and goat cheese over escarole had a simple vinaigrette; it was appealing to both eyes and stomach. Its lightness paired well with the salty potatoes and it was incredibly tempting to order it up again. Luckily, we were informed that Challah had plans for serving brunch at another local establishment the next day. Sold.

There are few things that can compound one’s happiness quotient on a beautiful spring early afternoon, but this brunch is one of them. The menu had a diverse listing of ingredients such as lamb, curried chickpeas, challah french toast, brisket, bison tongue, and roasted carrots. Dining companion chose an egg, cheese, and bison tongue sandwich with fried potatoes while this dish was roasted carrots, curried chickpeas and parsley (yogurt optional).


Considering the importance of cleaner eating in general, and particularly after a night of a few libations, this would definitely be a healthier option for a brunch indulgence.

Catie was advised early on to limit her menu and make it stick, but she couldn’t do it.  She cares about seasonally available ingredients, and in making a menu that excites her.  Her food truck proudly displays a trophy from when she played soccer as a kid, as if to say that she’s keeping her identity, staying true to herself and that comes forth in her constantly-changing creations.

Upon telling Catie how impressed we were with the high-quality ingredients, she responded:

“When you respect the ingredients, you let them speak for themselves in a dish”

Well said. We will be back for more!



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