Interview with Dr. Randy Wurts

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Used with permission from Dr. Randy Wurts

We recently met with Dr. Randy Wurts  and were intrigued to learn more about his philosophy of care and how chiropractic is complementary to nutrition and other forms of healthcare, all based around improving human health. We were happy to be able to interview Dr. Wurts and share more information about this modality of care – for helping the human musculoskeletal system & nervous system improve and perform better is part of a total wellness model.

Q: How did you decide to pursue the field of chiropractic care? Was there a particular passion or story behind the drive?

A: I decided to become a chiropractor at the very young age of eight. It’s when I had my first adjustment. I was sick and my mom couldn’t take me to the “regular doctor” so she took me to the chiropractor. I had my first adjustment and I went home and slept. When I woke, it was the best I’d felt in a long time. From then on I always questioned: why don’t we focus on being healthy so we wouldn’t get sick?

Q: What kind of training is needed for one to become a chiropractor?

A: The curriculum may have changed since I was in school. When I attended Palmer Chiropractic College, to be accepted I had to have the equivalent of a pre-med degree. After that, it was three and a third years of chiropractic school with approximately 30 credit hours per week per trimester or every 3 months. Those are post graduate classes. Some states require chiropractors to have a bachelor’s degree. Ohio is not one of those States but I do have one.

The chiropractic modality of care:

Q: What do you see as the role of chiropractic treatment in healthcare? 
Chiropractic is unique in the fact that nothing is added to the body and nothing is taken away or cut out. Therefore, it is a completely natural way of healthcare. Like any healthcare profession, chiropractic’s goal is to alleviate some type of suffering that is interfering with a person’s life. Also, chiropractic takes on a role of prevention and well-being. The dental profession has done a great job with this by influencing people to brush their teeth. Research shows that when people see chiropractic on a regular basis it keeps them healthy and keeps healthcare spending down.

Q: What are some of the types of issues that chiropractors can help alleviate or correct?
Typically people seek chiropractic care for neck and back pain. However, I’ve seen a meme that explains it well; seeking chiropractors for only back and neck pain is like robbing a bank and only stealing the pens. Since chiropractic influences the nervous system and the nervous system controls every part of the body, chiropractic can help people with a variety symptoms. I say symptoms because symptoms are result of malfunction. We find cause of the problem through the spine and nervous system.

Philosophy/Unique Advantage:

Q: What is your philosophy when it comes to human health? 

My personal philosophy is that health is your greatest asset in life. Or it can be a liability. It is up to the individual to take responsibility for their health. I often ask people what car would they take care of better – one that they purchased, one that they won in a raffle, or one that they built. Obviously the one they built is the one they would take care of the best because they put their physical and emotional energy into that. Your body’s no different; we do not have a health-spending problem in the United States ,we have a health responsibility problem in the United States. Unfortunately our culture makes it very easy for people to push that responsibility away.

Q: What makes your (services/philosophy, etc) different from other chiropractors? How are they different/complementary to other practitioners?
A: My services only offer Chiropractic Care. Any other chiropractor may choose to offer nutrition supplements, physical therapy or other ancillary healthcare products. I want to focus at what I am really good at and refer to other health practitioners who are experts in their fields. I believe in the stay-in-your-lane model of healthcare. Meaning, do explicitly what’s in the scope of my practice and stay out of the lane of others.

Q: Who are your favorite types of clients to work with?
A: I have always liked seeing families with children. Children light up the room and I like watching how they respond to care.

Q: What can one expect during their first visit?
A: Consultation, exam, possible referral for x-ray then I will address their problem, the cause and the chiropractic solution. If no x-rays are needed, care can start that day if the patient desires. I feel what is most important through all of this, is to listen and understand the patient’s concerns, provide a exceptional experience, and fully address the expectations of that individual.

Q: How long can one expect to work with their chiropractor to see results?
A: That will depend on a variety of issues. Obviously it will take longer given the health status of the individual, their age, their attitude, their willingness to comply, and how severe the condition is, just to name a few.  I’ve seen people recover in one or two visits I’ve had people who didn’t see results after 20 visits and it’s taking them 8 months to a year to get to a point where they have control over their life again. It all depends on the patient. And there’s sometimes where I may have to refer out to other health practitioners, even another chiropractor, to get the help the person needs.

Q: What are some of the benefits of regular visits?
A: A properly running nervous system which allows a person to adapt to both the external and internal environment of their body.  For adults, they say things like, “I have more energy and I sleep better, I don’t get sick as often, and I can enjoy the things in life much better now.” Parents often tell me their kids do not get sick as often, they sleep better, and have a better attitude and behavior.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself, philosophy, or even a client success story?
A: Client story, there are so many patients who I can talk about. There is one in mind where a seven-year-old girl had breathing problems and other issues; it really affected her personality and she was timid and shy. After a series of adjustments with chiropractic care, she began to breathe better and really allow her personality to show. I like to think that the rest of her life is going to be much better now. But I also think of the alternative where had she not received the help, she would still be taking antibiotics and other medications just to subdue the symptoms.

Also, the philosophy of chiropractic: the body is a self-developing, self-regulating and self-healing organism. The nervous system controls and regulates all the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body. When there’s interference with the function of the nervous system, the body will not function correctly. A goal of chiropractic is to restore the function of the nervous system to allow a person’s body to function as best possible. People also need to eat, move, and think well to have a healthy body and ultimately a healthy life.

Learn more about Dr. Wurts and his practice in Columbus, Ohio

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