In the Client Spotlight!

client spotlight of recognition

“As to working together, I’m really blown away. I hoped to get some advice on making adjustments to my diet, but never anticipated the many other aspects of my life that you would end up helping me with. Your willingness to dive deep into the minute details of my habits and routines is something I’ve always wanted from a professional. Also your orientation towards self-care and positivity is much needed for a generally shame-driven perfectionist like myself. I’ve hired expensive life coaches in the past who never came close to your level of thoroughness when it comes to taking a holistic perspective on health and happiness. You’ve given me so many helpful recommendations that even though I feel like I haven’t come close to implementing all of them perfectly, I keep a list of them and feel grateful to have a sort of backlog of positive changes to work on. You’re like a nutritionist, life coach and therapist all in one! So thanks for everything and looking forward to our meeting!” – Blake M., Columbus, OH


Well you’ve probably described what we do better than we have! Many clients have mentioned similar revelations as they recount why they initially sought out a dietitian and the ways in which their lifestyle changes have also led to their positive results. As Steven has said, “It’s ALL about the connections and it goes waaaay beyond food!” and “I now see my life as many pieces of a puzzle (about 10,000 I’m thinking), with the Diet/Nutrition puzzle piece being far larger, more central and more complex than I’d ever imagined, and… it connects with damn near ALL the other puzzle pieces!” Part of being an integrative and functional nutritionist IS this work – the tweaks and adjustments not just with meal choices but with sleep, stress, mindset, and creating positive habits and routines – so that the pieces can fit together and build the ‘whole’ you.

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