’25’ Sugar Detox Challenge

25 Sugar Detox Challenge: next session starts June 7th, 2020


Join us in revitalizing life and health by breaking the bonds that make us slaves to sugar. We will explore hidden sources of sugar, re-creating healthier home and work environments, understanding & combating cravings, and learning how to have delicious meals. Modalities include tele-conferences, homework, and individual coaching support. This is the time to explore how headaches/migraines, candida, digestive health, infections, fatigue, foggy thinking, and more have connections to sugar. Address the challenge of losing weight while you improve body composition, confidence, and experience more natural energy! Change your relationship with sugar, change your life!

What did you like best about the challenge?

“I was already eating well but having a layer of junk food on top of it! By paying attention to sugar intake and assistance in reducing it, I have lost 18.6 lbs in two months!” – Bobbie A., Columbus, OH

“The individual calls focused on one area and the chance to ask questions one-on-one. This helped me feel accountable and made me think before I ate something. Despite the fact I could have put more effort into it, I did see improvements and lost 7lbs!” – Jane V., Columbus, OH

“Weight loss of 5lbs, pants feel better! I’m in control and am seeing results.” – Erin D., Columbus, OH

“There are so many sources of hidden sugar in the foods than I ever knew! I would recommend this program to everyone, especially moms.” – L.B., Columbus, OH

“I started the challenge because of all the sugar I eat (I love candy). I have had none during this challenge and my whole body feels better. I feel more alert and love seeing how little sugar I can eat. Even more than losing weight, I love the mental focus & overall better health that I’m experiencing during this detox”- Jan R., Columbus, OH

“I’m so happy I started this program. I’m feeling so much better. I was very lethargic, & lack of focus, gaining wt left & right, bloated… you name it. I’ve lost 5lbs, results are quick, feeling better: more focus, more energy, improved ears (I have tinnitus & fullness in ears, both have had remarkable improvement)” – name withheld, Columbus, OH

“Weight-loss, 3.4lbs. Detoxing off sugar is about feeling good. We all want to feel good. Most people don’t realize how bad sugar and other mood-changers make us feel until we give them a rest and realize that what we think is making us feel good is actually making us feel bad.”- Laura F., Columbus, OH

“Eliminating sugar is one of the best things you can do for weight, overall health and avoiding long term issues like diabetes. Who wouldn’t want to help those areas of their life!?” – Anne M., Columbus, OH

“Lost 3lbs in first two weeks. It has forced me to look at foods differently. I have given up diet soda which I did not think I would be able to do.” A.O., Columbus, OH

“The Detox was worth it to me to see how much sugar I was getting in each day and week. Also, the great recipes to try!” T.C., Columbus, OH

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