Lose the ‘Quarantine 15’ this Quarter

First of all, acknowledge your bravery for even landing here. It means that you’re tired of ignoring or distracting yourself from the new reality and numbers on the scale. You’re not alone. Whether you’ve gained 15, 5 or 30 pounds since the start of quarantine, you’re in good company of those wanting to make a change.

How did I get here?

As an educated and professional woman, you are quite accomplished. You see success in your work and the various roles you play as wife, friend, mother….

….but this one elusive goal causes you to wonder, “I know I’m smart – why is the process of losing weight so confusing and frustrating? Why do I fail at this?”

What life looks like now:

  • Most of the time you’re in yoga pants or sweats to avoid the pinch of your ‘real’ pants. If you squeeze into them, it’s hard to breathe and you count the seconds until you can remove them and get comfy again.
  • Every time you go down the stairs, you feel the disconcerting jiggle of your belly and derrière. Your mood drops.
  • The scale either sets your bad mood for the day or you just avoid its judgmental response altogether.
  • You’ve purchased groceries but at most mealtimes you either ‘wing-it’, eat cereal for dinner (again), or fall victim to convenience and order DoorDash delivery.
  • You have a sense of tempered pride as you announce how baking has become your new hobby. You’ve crafted delicious salted caramel brownies, bread, cookies, and cupcakes. Your newfound baking skills are rivaled only by your stress and comfort-eating.
  • The gym may be closed and so you’ve given up strength-training or working out entirely. If the dog didn’t need a walk, there wouldn’t be one.
  • Wine, with its soothing mellow notes of flavor, has played a bigger role in dealing with the long work days, boredom, and isolation.
  • It is often only when the chip bag is empty or the pint of ice cream scraped clean do you realize you ate the whole thing. And, on top of the shame, your stomach feels bloated and ‘gross’.
  • Quarantine has really highlighted your emotional eating, but you’re not sure how to stop it.

Each night, you beat yourself up over your food choices and pledge to do better tomorrow.

In the words of Dr. Phil, “how’s that working for you?”

Probably not well.

Despite your intelligence and success, you realize that you have intentions of weight loss and maybe some willpower, in fits and starts, but you’ve white-knuckled your way through weeks of fad diets, tracking points, and counting calories before. Though these deprivation diets temporarily ‘worked,’ they were never really sustainable. All the weight you lost came back, and then some. Remembering this, you feel out of control with eating and yet dread the thought of starting one of those restrictive diets again. There must be a better way.

We’re here to tell you: indeed, there IS a better way.

If we haven’t met yet, greetings! I’m Adrienne, the Owner & Founder of One Bite Wellness and an integrative and functional dietitian-nutritionist.

Ever since adolescence, I’ve had a passion for the art and science of nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching, and tailoring dynamic personalized programs to help people. Part of my mission in life is to educate and inspire people to live full and vital lives – whether one-on-one or speaking at numerous conferences around the U.S. and on TV segments. The message is this: you can transform your life. With a mind-body-soul approach to weight loss, you’ll find the process deep, self-connecting, fun, and achievable!

FOX28 Good Day Columbus Foods to Fight Belly Fat

Fox28 Good Day Columbus – Foods to Fight Belly Fat segment

This program has been over a decade in the making, as we’ve worked together with clients to move from feeling ‘gross’ and ‘stuck’ to looking and feeling great!

The Lose ‘Quarantine 15’ this Quarter program is a path which has steady steps leading to a firm foundation for your new life.

And it’s not just diet.

Surprised? Well, diet is a key component, but it’s not the only answer to lasting weight loss.

Before we deal with the fat on our bodies, we have to deal with the fat between our ears – our thoughts and beliefs. We all have old stories of shame and not being enough to memories of failure. These negative thoughts keep us stuck and reluctant to even try again.

Mindset matters. We have to deal with the mental adversary’s lies about us, our bodies, and our ability to change. We must delve deeper into the reasons behind our emotional eating. As we know by now, cookies only comfort in the moment.

Our mindset keeps us living small, while our bodies grow larger.

So during this program we are utilizing key mindset, diet AND lifestyle concepts. When everything works together, the synergy is astounding. These new habits replace your old ones and your results seem effortless.

Instead of rigid rules, there will be education and guidelines.

Instead of white-knuckling and starving your way through, you will feel confident on your path and nourished.

You will not hate or beat yourself into a new body. You will learn to love and enjoy yourself into a new body.

Instead hoping for change, you will be creating change in your life.

Lose the ‘Quarantine 15’ this Quarter was designed to solve the most common challenges around sustainable weight loss. From combating cravings and our negative thoughts to inconsistent eating and sleeping patterns – everything is addressed!

Dr. Google doesn’t have all the answers because it doesn’t know your life, your challenges, and your unique mindset.

You’ll get the answers you need through the tools provided, your own insight, and ideas and support from your own Health Coach Captain.

During these 12 weeks you will feel lighter and leaner, improve sleep and natural energy levels, and have more clarity and confidence in yourself and your new food and lifestyle choices. In short, you will get results to last a lifetime.

How does the program work?

Guided structure and personalized coaching. Community and accountability.

What does that look like?

  • A series of 12 modules – each addressing a particular aspect of holistic, comprehensive, sustainable weight loss.
  • Handouts and Homework designed to get you out of your head, into your heart and your body.
  • Strategy calls with your own Health Coach Captain; this is your time to share your unique challenges and get personalized feedback and support.
  • ‘Homeroom’ sessions where we will tackle frequently asked questions and attend as a group.

When do we begin?

The program modules, strategy calls, and homeroom sessions begin April 6th. The 12-week program runs through June 22nd, 2021.

Registration doors close on March 30th so it’s important to enroll early.

Here’s Jasianna’s story:

From “One Bite Wellness to Wow!”, over 60 years old!

“The results I have achieved have been PHENOMENAL!

I am living the whole-food plant-based lifestyle.
I am 15 lbs lighter, and my cholesterol has normalized.
A New Dream: Be a Senior Olympian.

I will need to update my wardrobe…..all my clothes are Too Big!

Everyday after my shower, I look at myself in the mirror…I see my arms…waist and I can see the difference. I look fabulous and I’m really proud of that.

As I’ve released weight, I have stopped “hiding” from myself and others.

My whole mentality has changed. I am becoming More of who I came to Earth, to Be.”

Blessings of Abounding Health,

You may wonder if this program will work for you; after all, you have a specialized concern. What I can tell you is this:

Whether you have depression, anxiety, PCOS, or hypothyroidism…

Whether you are in your 30s or 50s, pre- or post-menopausal…

We’ve worked with over a thousand clients, each with their own self-limiting beliefs and labels just like the ones listed above. And clients in those exact same situations have been able to release unwanted weight and thrive. You can too!

You dream of becoming more organized, having a menu-plan, drinking less alcohol, going to bed at a decent hour, and being a better version of you that existed before life got in the way. It’s time to move from dreaming to doing.

Take action with a one-time payment of $1497 (Early-bird BONUS: ’25’ Sugar Detox Challenge included – $149 value)

Take a breath.

You’re at a decision point. The choices are:

  1. Continue doing what you’ve done (and get the results you’ve been getting) or
  2. Be brave and embrace a holistic plan for improving your body, brain, and life while dropping unwanted weight.

What do you have to lose?

  • Extra weight
  • Feelings of overwhelm, frustration, confusion, depression, and shame
  • Disorganization and food waste

What you will gain:

  • Self-management – mindset, boundaries, menu-planning and more
  • Organization of your time and schedule, kitchen and closet
  • Confidence – in your food choices and as a byproduct of your actions and results
  • Energy – as you get leaner and fitter, you’ll notice how much natural energy you have and won’t rely on coffee to get you through the day
  • Freedom – when you are closer to your body’s natural weight, you feel ready for anything. From sliding on your favorite pair of jeans to appearing on camera or in-person for an event, you feel fantastic and aren’t putting your life on hold. You’re more engaged with family or pet play time without feeling winded or limited.

Looking forward to seeing you inside Lose the ‘Quarantine 15’ this Quarter!

Best of Health,

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Will this program require me to spend tons of hours of time cooking or meal-prepping?

Nope. We love eating without spending 3 hours in the kitchen daily. With some basic cooking skills and kitchen equipment, you can enjoy meals that fit your eating plan while you run your day.

You will be given resources and many quick, easy, and delicious recipes.

What happens after I make payment?

After payment is made, you’ll receive a welcome email with on-boarding instructions. You’ll also gain access to your coach’s calendar to schedule your personal coaching appointments.

Is this program focused mainly on learning about nutrition?

One of the program goals is to supply missing nutrition education but, keep in mind, knowledge accounts for only about 10% of our results. Taking action is 90% of how we achieve our goals.

Olympic swimmers don’t learn how to win the gold medal through reading about swimming. Michelin Star Chefs like Gordon Ramsey don’t gain the title through watching YouTube videos about cooking. These people became experts because of transforming their knowledge into action. This program allows and encourages you to try new methods, evaluate, and further improve your habits. A quarter of the year gives you about 12 weeks or 90 days to practice and improve daily, so that you see desired results.

How do we make this process easier for you? We match you with your own health and nutrition coach so get support and accountability along the way.

We have videos, handouts, resources and tools available to you. This program is about 10% “learn how to lose weight” and 90% TAKING ACTION – pushing you out of your comfort zone so that you change and transform your body and life!

Does this program require pure willpower 24/7?

Definitely not. You’d be surprised what showing up daily and taking small, consistent actions will do.

We ask you to treat this program like a college course. There’s an element of thoughtfulness as you take notes, do the homework, and take action.

Like science classes, there’s lecture and lab. In the former, you absorb and assimilate knowledge; in the lab portion, you try a little more of this or that element to create a reaction. Lecture includes your modules and handouts. The ‘lab’ is your life – it’s where you play with new foods, experiment with lifestyle changes, and find out what works for You – all with the support and accountability of your Health Coach Captain.

Not only will you retain your learning, but you’ll utilize it long into the future.

How much time will I need to carve out each week?

We suggest allotting about 2 hours per week to digest the modules and materials. Your ‘lab’ time will vary with each module’s lesson and what you commit to doing. About 5 hours a week should be dedicated to your growth during this course.

What are the Prerequisites for the course?

Here’s what we require:


Consistent daily action.

Doing the homework and implementing new habits.

Showing up and making the most out of your personal coaching call.

In other words, the program works and the magic is in working it to your best advantage.

Will I have access to the program after the 90 days?

You will also have access to the program as long as this website exists. Feel free to revisit the modules when you’re ready to tackle a topic you weren’t before or for positive reinforcement of your habits. You can also elect to have continuing individualized support.

Have more questions or want to get acquainted before grabbing your seat? Schedule your introductory “Ready to Lose the ‘Quarantine 15’ – let’s talk!” phone call. We’re happy answer questions and help ensure that we are a great fit for you and your needs before you join.

Let’s face it. The coronavirus and quarantining is probably not going away tomorrow, next week, or anytime soon. Instead of waiting until it’s over to make changes, do it now.

This is your chance to emerge from this experience as a ‘butterfly’ instead of a ‘zombie’.

Time to take action!

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