If you’re looking for our ’25’ Sugar Detox, Caffeine, or Green Smoothie Challenges, you’ll find them here.

These services have been specifically designed with elevating your health and achieving optimum results in the quickest time possible.

STEP 1: Schedule your Complimentary 20-minute Consult

This is the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit. If you’re ready to make important changes and decide to work together, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. Otherwise, if you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

STEP 2: Initial Nutrition & Wellness Consultation, 75-90 minutes

During the Initial Nutrition & Wellness Consultation, we will assess your nutritional status based on anthropometry (height and weight), biochemical (blood work results), clinical and dietary history along with determining your main health concerns and addressing your goals. Once the comprehensive picture of your health is attained, we will work with you on the areas that need more balance or improvement (i.e. digestive, cholesterol, weight loss), and then explore how nutrition education and support would advance you into a higher level of energy for your life!

Ready to transform your life? It all begins here.

STEP 3: Choose your Foundations of Health Program

Energy Boost

Great Expectations Weight Release

Happy Belly, Digestive Decoding

Time for a Tune-up

STEP 4: Work your Program, Experience Results

Sessions can occur in-person (if located in or around the Columbus area), via phone, video-conferencing or in combination.

STEP 5: Have, Be, and Do what you want in Life while having energy and looking & feeling great!


Foundations of Health Program, Basic & Advanced

There are many misconceptions about nutrition and healthy foods. People wonder whether their low-fat “lite” yogurt is a good choice for their bodies. They are confused about whether to eat eggs, wheat, or drink coffee. The purpose of this program is to demystify nutrition and help you build a firm life-long foundation of health by cleaning up the diet as well as finding which foods work best for you.

During each session, we also track your progress and address the individual challenges you face (i.e. making healthy lunches, unsure of which protein sources serves you best, putting out the flames of cellular inflammation, potential food intolerances, combating sugar cravings naturally, emotional eating, etc.) to develop a style of eating that is uniquely personalized to fit you! You will also receive handouts and food samples relating to the educational topic of the session.

The advanced program includes everything from the Foundations of Health Program basic version and builds upon it with more specialized education tops and foods to round out your individual diet. During these sessions you will gain a clearer view of the concept of bio-individuality and will be attuned more deeply to the foods which are helping versus harming you.

During these sessions, we will continue working on polishing your diet, addressing health challenges, and working toward your goals

Read reviews from our Foundations of Health Graduates, including:

Peggy S. – Better energy and food cravings, decreased bloating & inflammation

L.M. – Cholesterol Lowered with Diet

Jenna K. – Vegan diet with increased variety, reduced stress

Kevin R. – Weight Loss

Jasianna – Healthy plant-based diet helped her get off blood pressure medication after 25 years; looking and feeling fabulous over 60 years of age!

Food Sensitivity Testing 

Take the mystery out of your health issues and optimize your nutrition and energy levels with food sensitivity testing. With a simple blood-draw, you will have details about your unique food and food chemical sensitivities, including ones which could be impacting your health and contributing to chronic health conditions. Indications for testing include: unresolved or partially resolved acne, autism, ADHD, migraine and headaches, fatigue,   inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, arthritis and joint pain, unusual skin rashes, weight imbalances, chronic sinus issues, and heartburn/GERD. This is a wonderful tool for those who are pro-actively seeking optimal health and desire knowledge of which foods to eat and which to avoid to help themselves heal.


“Thank you for reviewing my food sensitivity results with me! I had resisted the truth about gluten being a ‘bad’ food for me” – Tara N.

“After getting stomach pains and feeling gross after eating foods such as pizza or crackers and cheese, and ice cream, the testing clearly displayed my sensitivity to dairy. I’ll miss it but I won’t miss the stomach-aches!” – Diana T.

“I was going out of my way to order red wine at restaurants and to have a glass at home with appropriate meals, only to find out that I should be avoiding it!  I am sleeping better without it.  Without testing, I never would have known. Also, I’ve noticed that my digestive system seems much more tranquil since I’ve cut back on wheat products.  It’s preliminary, but my [memory] recall may be somewhat improved as well.” -PHC

“I had no idea my migraines could be related to foods I thought were healthy but were triggering them!” – Elizabeth K.

Speaking Engagements: contact us for details

“Ms. Raimo’s presentations are informational and fun. She knows how to get the participants engaged and excited about the topic. She is very knowledgeable, caring and passionate about her work. It was our pleasure to meet her and have her speak for us. On the evaluation forms she received raved reviews. We considered her part of our team. We are looking forward to hearing her speak at future events.” – Donna Auger, Macular Degeneration Association

Nutrition 101 presentation feedback from employees at corporation in Lewis Center:

“I liked the helpful hints about added sugars and it opens up ideas on how much of the foods we need each day, ex. water, calories, and the ‘perfect meal.’ Also, how to get enough protein and vitamins when going plant-based.” – Robin R., Columbus

“This was well-timed and good information in one hour. I plan to be more aware of portions and sugar intake.” – Jay P., Worthington

“The Nutrition 101 presentation gave a clear understanding on what we consume and how it affects our body.” – Phanuella F., Columbus


The One Bite Wellness Internship provides the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, disease, lifestyle factors relating to health, holistic care, counseling skills, nutrition presentations, and cooking/recipe development. Interns range from high school students to post-graduate students and commit to a 3 month program, with the opportunity for extension, based on performance. Time commitment varies and is flexible with most schedules. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about integrative health, coaching clients, research, and building a business. Additionally, it’s a fantastic opportunity for undergraduates before applying for the dietetic internship and/or for future employment.

If you’re ready to explore the nutrition field and have one of the most informative and valuable internships, email a resume for an initial interview.

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