These services have been specifically designed with elevating your health and achieving optimum results in the quickest time possible.

25 Sugar Detox Challenge

Join us in revitalizing life and health by breaking the bonds that make us slaves to sugar. We will explore hidden sources of sugar, re-creating healthier home and work environments, understanding & combating cravings, and learning how to have delicious meals. Modalities include webinars, tele-conferences, homework, and individual coaching support. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of sugar before the holidays start!

What did you like best about the challenge?
“The individual calls focused on one area and the chance to ask questions one-on-one. This helped me feel accountable and made me think before I ate something. Despite the fact I could have put more effort into it, I did see improvements and lost 7lbs!” – Jane V., Columbus, OH

“Weight loss of 5lbs, pants feel better! I’m in control and am seeing results.” – Erin D., Columbus, OH

“There are so many sources of hidden sugar in the foods than I ever knew! I would recommend this program to everyone, especially moms.” – L.B., Columbus, OH

“I started the challenge because of all the sugar I eat (I love candy). I have had none during this challenge and my whole body feels better. I feel more alert and love seeing how little sugar I can eat. Even more than losing weight, I love the mental focus & overall better health that I’m experiencing during this detox”- Jan R., Columbus, OH

“I’m so happy I started this program. I’m feeling so much better. I was very lethargic, & lack of focus, gaining wt left & right, bloated… you name it. I’ve lost 5lbs, results are quick, feeling better: more focus, more energy, improved ears (I have tinnitus & fullness in ears, both have had remarkable improvement)” – name withheld, Columbus, OH

“Weight-loss, 3.4lbs. Detoxing off sugar is about feeling good. We all want to feel good. Most people don’t realize how bad sugar and other mood-changers make us feel until we give them a rest and realize that what we think is making us feel good is actually making us feel bad.”- Laura F., Columbus, OH

“Eliminating sugar is one of the best things you can do for weight, overall health and avoiding long term issues like diabetes. Who wouldn’t want to help those areas of their life!?” – Anne M., Columbus, OH

“Lost 3lbs in first two weeks. It has forced me to look at foods differently. I have given up diet soda which I did not think I would be able to do.” A.O., Columbus, OH

“The Detox was worth it to me to see how much sugar I was getting in each day and week. Also, the great recipes to try!” T.C., Columbus, OH

Nutrition & Wellness Consultation

During the Initial Nutrition & Wellness Consultation, we will assess your nutritional status based on anthropometry (height and weight), biochemical (blood work results), clinical and dietary history along with determining your main health concerns and addressing your goals. Once the comprehensive picture of your health is attained, we will work with you on the areas that need more balance or improvement, and then explore how nutrition education and support would advance you into a higher level of energy for your life!

Foundations of Health Program (3 month program, Grocery Store Tour optional)

There are many misconceptions about nutrition and healthy foods. People wonder whether their low-fat “lite” yogurt is a good choice for their bodies. They are confused about whether to eat eggs, wheat, or drink coffee. The purpose of this program is to demystify nutrition and help you build a firm life-long foundation of health by cleaning up the diet as well as finding which foods work best for you.

During each session, we also track your progress and address the individual challenges you face (i.e. making healthy lunches, unsure of which protein sources serves you best, putting out the flames of cellular inflammation, potential food intolerances, combating sugar cravings naturally, emotional eating, etc.) to develop a style of eating that is uniquely personalized to fit you! You will also receive handouts and food samples relating to the educational topic of the session.

“Adrienne has taught me to eat nutrient dense foods.  Instead of measuring portion sizes, I have learned to control my food intake by eating the right kinds of foods and eliminating foods that were causing inflammation, bloating and constipation.  My energy level is much higher and I no longer have uncontrolled food cravings.  My outlook on life and mood has drastically improved and I am able to handle stress much better.  Adrienne has given me the tools to achieve a healthy weight and to handle triggers that cause uncontrolled eating.  She is on the cutting edge of Nutritional Science combined with behavior modification.”- Peggy S., Granville, OH


big changes

Mid-point review:

“A year ago I was trying ‘go it alone’ to lose weight, mainly with working out and I saw some results but the workouts didn’t stick and neither did my results.

This year, everything is different and I’m thrilled with the results so far! I’m drinking more water and I’m looking for ways to exercise, even with my infant son, to make sure it happens. In fact, since the start of us working together in early February, I’ve lost over 17lbs – basically the my son’s current weight! My jeans and clothes fit better, I’m back to exercising and have much better energy these days (without the 4 cups of coffee and energy drinks I used to have)!” – Kevin R., Columbus, OH

(If located in or around the Columbus area, sessions can occur in-person, via phone, Skype or a combination of the two).

Foundations of Health & Advanced Nutrition and Wellness Program (6 month program)

This program includes everything from the Foundations of Health Program and builds upon it with more specialized education tops and foods to round out your individual diet. During these sessions you will gain a clearer view of the concept of bio-individuality and will be attuned more deeply to the foods which are helping versus harming you.

During these sessions, we will continue working on polishing your diet, addressing health challenges, and working toward your goals. You will also receive handouts and food samples relating to the educational topic of the session.

(If located in or around the Columbus area, sessions can occur in-person, via phone, Skype or a combination of the two).

“Working with One Bite Wellness was the best decision I ever made. Adrienne Raimo is a supportive beacon of light that every person needs on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Before seeking help, I was already vegan for 3 years, but I still didn’t feel completely grounded in my eating habits. Adrienne kept me motivated to continue seeking out recipes to make all my food choices enjoyable. Having a larger variety of delicious and desirable options makes all the difference. Additionally, I got help with better ways to manage my stress level and goals I want to achieve. This experience has been so much more than working on the food I eat. I’m forever grateful I made the leap to work with One Bite Wellness.”

-Jenna K., New York City


What overall changes have you seen in your health and well-being since starting the program?

“I have broadened my variety of vegetables, grains, and greens while making better food choices. I have more energy and feel less bloated!

I feel this has been a very informative program. Most important to me was the step-by-step simplication – getting information and then having time to absorb and try it.”

How would you describe working with your integrative nutritionist?

“Adrienne has been very informative. She is a good listener and gave me a lot of resources”

Jodi W., Columbus, OH


“About a year ago, I went for my regular checkup and my doctor said my cholesterol and triglycerides were very high, so she recommended taking statins. Since I am a vegan and I exercise regularly, her diagnosis was that it was “genetics”. I am very resistant to take any kind of drugs unless they are extremely necessary, so I decided to try a supplement instead. No other changes to my diet or lifestyle were done at that time.

Six months later I got my test again and they showed no significant changes, so she said I had to start taking statins immediately and it will be for the rest of my life on it since I was doing “all the right things”. I had no choice. Then I started the 7 day trial she gave me and after just couple of days of taking statins, the side effects of muscle pain were truly paralyzing me. I was really frightened thinking I had to take medications now to alleviate the discomfort of the statins and having to deal with this for the rest of my life.

Then I was lucky to find Adrienne online…after 5 months of following her advice and changing my eating habits, I am happy to say that my last blood work showed my cholesterol and triglycerides dropped down to a normal range with no statins. When my Doctor saw the new numbers, her only advice was “keep doing what you are doing because it is working!”. My health insurance agent said “lowering your cholesterol with no medication is not easy!”. I wish our health system and doctors were willing to look deeper into our eating and lifestyle before prescribing drugs.”

What overall positive changes have you noticed since starting the Foundations of Health Program?

“In addition to lowering my cholesterol and triglycerides without statins, I lost 5-6 more lbs, which before I couldn’t do no matter how much I exercised. I’m at my ideal weight at 51 years old :). I feel energetic and lighter. I learned how to cook in much healthier ways and still enjoying eating – taste and flavors were not sacrificed.”

How would you describe working with your integrative nutritionist?

“You showed support and genuine interest in helping me to succeed in my goals. You always had an answer to my questions. I like the fact that you are very knowledgeable. Thank you for your help and support!”

– L.M., Pennsylvania

Genetic and Food Sensitivity Testing 

Take the mystery out of your metabolism and optimize your nutrition and energy levels with the Genetic and Food Sensitivity Testing. With a simple cheek swab and a fingerprick of blood, you will have details about your genetic make-up, including genes which are impacting your health as well as an extensive list of food sensitivities. Indications for testing include: unresolved or partially resolved acne, autism, ADHD, migraine, depression, other psychological disturbances, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), virtually all autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, unusual skin rashes, macular degeneration, diabetic complication, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers. These are wonderful tools for those who are pro-actively seeking optimal health and desire knowledge of which foods to eat and which to avoid, based on their genetics and immunity.

Both test kits and follow-up appointment: $797
Genetic test only: $425
Food Sensitivity test only: $425

“Thank you for reviewing my food sensitivity results with me! I had resisted the truth about gluten being a ‘bad’ food for me” – Tara N.

“After getting stomach pains and feeling gross after eating foods such as pizza or crackers and cheese, and ice cream, the testing clearly displayed my sensitivity to dairy. I’ll miss it but I won’t miss the stomach-aches!” – Diana T.

“I was going out of my way to order red wine at restaurants and to have a glass at home with appropriate meals, only to find out that I should be avoiding it!  I am sleeping better without it.  Without testing, I never would have known. Also, I’ve noticed that my digestive system seems much more tranquil since I’ve cut back on wheat products.  It’s preliminary, but my [memory] recall may be somewhat improved as well.” -PHC

“I had no idea my migraines could be related to foods I thought were healthy but were triggering them!” – Elizabeth K.

Whole Food Supplement Evaluation: $89 for 40-minute session

Are you wondering which supplements your body needs to help heal and rebuild weakened or stressed systems? Would you like to operate at peak health? In this evaluation you will be provided with a Report of Findings based on your individual answers about symptoms and any blood work provided. Also, you will be given recommendations on the proper supplements to assist you in having more energy, losing weight, and having more vitality!

21-Day Detox Program

If you are looking to adopt cleaner eating habits and recapture the energy – and slimmer body – you once had, the 21-Day Detox Program is a perfect catalyst for jump-starting you on your new path. We have formulated the daily menu plans and built the process into easy-to-follow steps. By removing most of the major food allergens and incorporating a plethora of nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, and legumes, the 21-Day Detox assists the body in ‘rebooting’ in a healthy way. This is a genuinely effective program to lose weight, break bad habits, get energized, and prove to yourself that you CAN create healthy changes. With determination and a bit of sacrifice, you will reap the rewards – and have delicious, clean food that you will love. You will receive your own personal nutritionist and health coach to help support and guide you on this journey.

Semi-Private Initial Consult (2-3 people max)

Corporate or Medical Speaking Engagement: contact us for details

“Ms. Raimo’s presentations are informational and fun. She knows how to get the participants engaged and excited about the topic. She is very knowledgeable, caring and passionate about her work. It was our pleasure to meet her and have her speak for us. On the evaluation forms she received raved reviews. We considered her part of our team. We are looking forward to hearing her speak at future events.” – Donna Auger, Macular Degeneration Association

Workshops & Cooking Classes: contact us for details

Nutritional Analysis (for individual food diary, restaurants & catering companies, and zoos): varies, please contact us for your unique product needs


Business Coaching
Looking to learn more about the details in setting up a thriving business, effective goal-setting, and amazing your clients? Contact us for more information.

Career Coaching

Whether you’re looking to make a career change or are trying to figure out how to combine your passion for nutrition and health into a fulfilling career, you’ve come to the right place. During our consultation we will discuss your goals, potential career pathways and their pros and cons, deeper insight into your personality and skills as well as how they relate to meaningful work, and career inventory resources to provide clarity in making decisions. Contact us to get started.

The One Bite Wellness Internship provides the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, disease, lifestyle factors relating to health, holistic care, counseling skills, nutrition presentations, and cooking/recipe development. Interns range from high school students to post-graduate students and commit to a 3 month program, with the opportunity for extension, based on performance. Time commitment varies and is flexible with most schedules. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about integrative health, coaching clients, research, and building a business. Additionally, it’s a fantastic opportunity for undergraduates before applying for the dietetic internship and/or for future employment.

If you’re ready to explore the nutrition field and have one of the most informative and valuable internships, email a resume for an initial interview.

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