Success Stories

Foundations of Health Program Graduates


“You’re a Magician!”

“The first few days I felt like nothing changed with my symptoms which was frustrating. However, by day 4, my digestive system was 90% better and I hadn’t had stomach issues for the first time in a long time. On day 7 though, I noticed pains in my knees and legs had lessened quite a bit. This wasn’t something I was expecting at all. It’s been such a relief to not have my leg and knee pains and it’s taken a weight and worries off my shoulders. I noticed as I bent down to grab my dog leashes ‘oh, that didn’t hurt’ which was unusual for me.

My stomach pains have almost completely gone away and bloating has decreased a lot. I don’t feel sluggish in my body and can move throughout the day much easier.

I was looking for some insight on the foods that were helping and hurting me and I definitely got that and much more!! Guidance through the different phases has helped in my understanding and how I should move forward with my eating habits.”

What new strengths have you developed from the experience?

“Just knowing what’s good for ME and knowing what I need to limit or avoid all together. I feel I have a better understanding on how these foods will react with my body and am able to make some better choices in the future.

I didn’t know if I would have the willpower to stick with this. Though once I saw results and how much better I felt, I won’t be going back to bad habits and will continue to make better choices for my health.

I’ve enjoyed discovering some new foods and healthier options. I do not enjoy cooking but I was able to find some options that work for me and have been experimenting with new recipes.”

What do you see as the major insights as part of going through this experience?

“Discovering my knee and leg pains were symptoms of my diet. I had no idea and thought it was because of my age, even though I’m not that old (mid-40s). Knowing what I need to avoid or drastically limit, helps me stay healthier and pain free.”

What have you done differently to how you operated before our working together?

“I used to read labels and try to get the healthiest options. Though I know now what works for me and what doesn’t, so reading labels is even more important. I know to look for other options that won’t cause reactions in my body and/or know that I need to drastically limit certain foods to keep my body regulated and happy.

So much of our health is tied to our diet. Having this part ‘under control’ will trickle into every other aspect of our lives – mentally and physically. It plays such a big role and I’m so happy that I have the tools to know more about my body to create a healthier future.”

Angela Pennock Mailot, client

Columbus, Ohio

Owner, Marang Studios

“As to working together, I’m really blown away. I hoped to get some advice on making adjustments to my diet, but never anticipated the many other aspects of my life that you would end up helping me with. Your willingness to dive deep into the minute details of my habits and routines is something I’ve always wanted from a professional. Also your orientation towards self-care and positivity is much needed for a generally shame-driven perfectionist like myself. I’ve hired expensive life coaches in the past who never came close to your level of thoroughness when it comes to taking a holistic perspective on health and happiness. You’ve given me so many helpful recommendations that even though I feel like I haven’t come close to implementing all of them perfectly, I keep a list of them and feel grateful to have a sort of backlog of positive changes to work on. You’re like a nutritionist, life coach and therapist all in one! So thanks for everything and looking forward to our meeting!” – Blake M., Columbus, OH

“I reached out because one of my family members had worked with you and saw great results. I am approaching age 60 and starting to face some challenges with newly onset Type II diabetes and kidney disease. Part of my thinking was that food was the enemy because I didn’t know what to eat. I felt like I knew what I should be eating and that there was still lots to learn, but Google has confusing information. I did make some changes and didn’t want to follow a fad diet. I was looking for guidance around sustainable living and improving my health. To this date [2 months into the Foundations of Health Program], I have lost 20 pounds, I started exercising again, and I don’t fear food anymore. Oh and I have not been eating my emotions! This was a huge accomplishment for me since I ate when bored or distracted.

I loved watching cooking shows and learning new techniques and recipes, but these had not translated into cooking more. Thanks to Adrienne, I had delicious and QUICK recipes to try and have been really enjoying my meals. We don’t waste our groceries as much either! In the past, my husband and I would throw out about half of our healthy produce because it had gone bad because we didn’t have a plan for using it. I’m saving money, sleeping better, improving my health, and feeling more empowered than I did in the beginning. It’s win-win-win!” – Name Withheld, Columbus, Ohio

“Adrienne has taught me to eat nutrient dense foods. Instead of measuring portion sizes, I have learned to control my food intake by eating the right kinds of foods and eliminating foods that were causing inflammation, bloating and constipation. My energy level is much higher and I no longer have uncontrolled food cravings. My outlook on life and mood has drastically improved and I am able to handle stress much better. Adrienne has given me the tools to achieve a healthy weight and to handle triggers that cause uncontrolled eating. She is on the cutting edge of Nutritional Science combined with behavior modification.”- Peggy S., Granville, OH

big changes

Mid-point review:

“A year ago I was trying ‘go it alone’ to lose weight, mainly with working out and I saw some results but the workouts didn’t stick and neither did my results.

This year, everything is different and I’m thrilled with the results so far! I’m drinking more water and I’m looking for ways to exercise, even with my infant son, to make sure it happens. In fact, since the start of us working together in early February, I’ve lost over 17lbs – basically the my son’s current weight! My jeans and clothes fit better, I’m back to exercising and have much better energy these days (without the 4 cups of coffee and energy drinks I used to have)!” – Kevin R., Columbus, OH

“Working with One Bite Wellness was the best decision I ever made. Adrienne Raimo is a supportive beacon of light that every person needs on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Before seeking help, I was already vegan for 3 years, but I still didn’t feel completely grounded in my eating habits. Adrienne kept me motivated to continue seeking out recipes to make all my food choices enjoyable. Having a larger variety of delicious and desirable options makes all the difference. Additionally, I got help with better ways to manage my stress level and goals I want to achieve. This experience has been so much more than working on the food I eat. I’m forever grateful I made the leap to work with One Bite Wellness.”

-Jenna K., New York City

“Fall 2018: While eating my second to last of an entire package of cookies (chocolate macadamia nut I believe they were) and calling it lunch, the thought that I love sugar a little too much once again crossed my mind. Those tasty treats also reminded me of my life-long turbulent love affair with sugar… remember when my dear love sugar gave me diabetes for an anniversary present about 10 years ago! While eating that last cookie, I pulled up an article that listed the characteristics of a sugar addict and I think I nailed 5 out of 6! Maybe… maybe now is the time I can do something to gain control over what looks more and more like a real addiction. Oh yeah, also around this time seemingly in the midst of a complicated (aren’t they all) personal low period, just to bring more fun to the party…

Research led me to One Bite Wellness and Adrienne. Conversed with her about the hypnotic hold cookies (my drug of choice!) have had upon me since birth! Bragged that I am a certified master cookie enthusiast, and that with a small taste I can tell where the ingredients of a finely-baked cookie were grown. I learned from Adrienne how to collect data (this appealed to my scientific mindset) to help more clearly identify patterns, issues and barriers. She helped me see in a deep and meaningful way… It’s ALL about the connections and it goes waaaay beyond food! As part of my work with Adrienne, I now see my life as many pieces of a puzzle (about 10,000 I’m thinking), with the Diet/Nutrition puzzle piece being far larger, more central and more complex than I’d ever imagined, and… it connects with damn near ALL the other puzzle pieces!

Spring 2019: So there I was… standing on a digital scale in my closet looking down at a weight I haven’t seen since the 10th grade (that’s 37 years ago if you’re curious)! A fun moment for sure, made all the sweeter by feeling that this has been accomplished in-part through knowledge based healthier eating and not a short-term diet. Working with Adrienne, I had the benefit of not having to go it alone while working through this difficult process. Adrienne is a trusted resource on call… a provider of both intellectual and emotional support.


Had to get photographic evidence of that moment in case no one believed me!”

– Steven H., Columbus, OH

“One Bite Wellness to WOW!”

“In the past, on many occasions, I would start/sign-up for a program or class, quickly start procrastinating on beginning/keeping up with and/or finishing assignments, therefore I did wonder if working with you would be different? So, I was hesitant to invest the time/money for this reason. Would this be yet another “good intention” gone awry?…

The results I have achieved have been PHENOMENAL! I called you because my cholesterol was too high and my dr asked me about going on statin meds. In addition, I have been on a diuretic to “control” my blood pressure for about 25 yrs. I felt I could normalize my biometrics without meds, however knew that I needed Accountability and Support to do so.

Never in my WILDEST Dreams, did I Expect to find : A New Calling: Wellness Advocate/Coach: A New Passion: Cooking ( from scratch) I had never learned to cook. A New Dream: Be a Senior Olympian. These are a by-product of working with you, and Following-Through.
One has to make the changes, a little at a time ie….one bite…
I am living the whole-food plant-based lifestyle.
I am 15 lbs lighter, and my cholesterol has normalized.
My bp was getting too low and I was tired…..
Last week, my dr said: “I think your lifestyle has kicked in” you DON’T need this medicine anymore……You are really doing the work! Congrats….keep going. I just hugged her……and grinned for 2 whole days.
Long enough to raise a child!!!! I am Thrilled…..NO MEDS!
I will need to update my wardrobe…..all my clothes are Too Big!

I love your “presence”, listening, reflecting back and your unequivocal SUPPORT! I Know that you live a healthy lifestyle, and that you care that I too live a healthy lifestyle. You’re in my corner!

I loved that we chatted about career….did not expect that, nor did I expect to Want to pursue another career, at this point (semi-retired). I feel compelled to pursue wellness advocacy for the benefit of us “baby boomers”

My whole mentality has changed. I am becoming More of who I came to Earth, to Be.

As I’ve released weight, I have stopped “hiding” from myself and others.
I am healing emotionally from earlier hurts, because I am taking better care of myself, eating good food, exercising, relaxing, and resting, when tired.
I rarely eat out anymore, and I used to go to a fast food place every other day
I was happy with our sessions and your prompt follow-up. Loved being able to connect in person, and/or by phone. I’m just Thrilled with my results.

As I said earlier, You are Your Clients’ “Champion”
You are Supportive, and of course, as a great coach, you guide a person to find their own Truth. You recognize that great potential within each person.
You are Authentic, Prompt, and Keep your Word!

I Totally Now Realize the VALUE of Having a Great Team and How Important it is to Invest in One’s Health. Without good health, the Rest doesn’t seem that important. Also, if you had not shared the recipes and encouraged me, I might never have tried to cook……..what a loss that would have been…..It is my New Spiritual Practice! I get great ideas while cooking… the silence and joy of seeing a new creation….from a few or many different ingredients.”

Blessings of Abounding Health
Client, Foundations of Health Graduate

What overall changes have you seen in your health and well-being since starting the program?

“I have broadened my variety of vegetables, grains, and greens while making better food choices. I have more energy and feel less bloated!

I feel this has been a very informative program. Most important to me was the step-by-step simplication – getting information and then having time to absorb and try it.”

How would you describe working with your integrative nutritionist?

“Adrienne has been very informative. She is a good listener and gave me a lot of resources”

Jodi W., Columbus, OH

“I was a little nervous that maybe you wouldn’t be very patient or understanding if I struggled with making some of the changes to my diet and lifestyle. Luckily, that hasn’t been the case at all!

  • I have lost weight
  • I have improved my body composition
  • I have not had any more kidney stones *knock on wood*

I don’t dread seeing you like I would dread going to the doctor. You’re very friendly and easy to talk to! You’re extremely knowledgeable and I like that you give me background information about the foods. The recipes you give me are always quick, easy, and yummy! You’re also very understanding if I struggle with a certain area and try to come up with new ways to approach it that might work better for me. You’re also interested in aspects of my life outside of food.”


  • I’m trying all kinds of new foods and recipes!
  • I’m doing a better job at seeing connections between the foods I eat and how I feel after eating them
  • I’m more conscious of food labels. Even though something might look healthy or be vegan it might actually be loaded with sugar, etc.
  • I’m better about getting in bed early.
  • I’m doing a better job at handling skepticism about my vegan diet from others.
  • I’m more informed about a variety of issues such as GMOs and political intervention in the food industry
  • I have developed new methods of handling my stress.

“I think many people are uninformed or misinformed about nutrition. Obviously, many people struggle with weight. I’ve been spending more time at the hospital recently because of my kidney stones and I’m always surprised by how many people are there. It definitely makes me wonder if some of their issues could have been prevented/improved by making different dietary choices. I think many lives could be improved by seeing a dietitian rather than just automatically turning to medication or just accepting their situation and not doing anything at all.

I would recommend YOU in particular because I think you’re really fun, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and you really care about your clients!

If they [people] allow themselves to be open to new experiences and are receptive to your advice then this can really be life-changing! This is a great way to invest in yourself – this experience has really added a lot of value to my life!

You’re just all-around awesome and I’ve really enjoyed working with you!”

H.R., Foundations of Health Graduate

“About a year ago, I went for my regular checkup and my doctor said my cholesterol and triglycerides were very high, so she recommended taking statins. Since I am a vegan and I exercise regularly, her diagnosis was that it was “genetics”. I am very resistant to take any kind of drugs unless they are extremely necessary, so I decided to try a supplement instead. No other changes to my diet or lifestyle were done at that time.

Six months later I got my test again and they showed no significant changes, so she said I had to start taking statins immediately and it will be for the rest of my life on it since I was doing “all the right things”. I had no choice. Then I started the 7 day trial she gave me and after just couple of days of taking statins, the side effects of muscle pain were truly paralyzing me. I was really frightened thinking I had to take medications now to alleviate the discomfort of the statins and having to deal with this for the rest of my life.

Then I was lucky to find Adrienne online…after 5 months of following her advice and changing my eating habits, I am happy to say that my last blood work showed my cholesterol and triglycerides dropped down to a normal range with no statins. When my Doctor saw the new numbers, her only advice was “keep doing what you are doing because it is working!”. My health insurance agent said “lowering your cholesterol with no medication is not easy!”. I wish our health system and doctors were willing to look deeper into our eating and lifestyle before prescribing drugs.”

What overall positive changes have you noticed since starting the Foundations of Health Program?

“In addition to lowering my cholesterol and triglycerides without statins, I lost 5-6 more lbs, which before I couldn’t do no matter how much I exercised. I’m at my ideal weight at 51 years old :). I feel energetic and lighter. I learned how to cook in much healthier ways and still enjoying eating – taste and flavors were not sacrificed.”

How would you describe working with your integrative nutritionist?

“You showed support and genuine interest in helping me to succeed in my goals. You always had an answer to my questions. I like the fact that you are very knowledgeable. Thank you for your help and support!”

– L.M., Pennsylvania

“We discovered Adrienne as a resource through the Parkinson’s Foundation as Ed was, for the first time ever, experiencing digestive problems and difficulty sleeping. With Adrienne’s advice, Ed kept a daily food diary and we consulted with her for bi-monthly meetings for a course of nutritional/educational sessions.

Implementing the changes suggested with nutritional and natural foods and greatly increasing water intake as well as incorporating Meatless Mondays; Ed is now enjoying restful nights of sleep and his digestive issues have been resolved.

Adrienne is extremely knowledgeable, personable and has a great sense of humor! Adrienne does not lay any guilt trips for indulging in otherwise not so healthy foods but instead offers nutritional alternatives and tasty recipes. She has been incredibly supportive as well!!

We have recommended Adrienne to friends who want to explore healthier eating habits.”
Ed M. (retired prosecuting attorney) and Tracy M. (psychiatric therapist)

“There are countless ways in which our work together positively influences my life. I appreciate your honesty and support in our sessions; you’ve become a trusted advisor in health and life matters. You’ve not only provided nutrition and wellness education but did so in a way that I was able to take the small steps that have led to weight loss, improved blood sugar, and even career development. I know you have many clients yet, through your level of care, you’ve made me feel like I was your only one. Thank you – it is a pleasure working with you!”
Teresa L.

“Adrienne helped my teenage daughter get on track with better eating habits. She was able to deeply connect with Rachel and positively influenced her food choice while helping her feel good about it! We still are enjoying some of her recipes, such as those tasty kale chips!”
Shelly P.

It was a little over a year ago that my wife and I first met you to talk about a new diet after being diagnosed with celiac disease. Even when we moved, we were glad to keep sessions going via phone and/or Skype.

I just wanted to send an update and let you know that I have gained 20 lbs in that year (back to my normal weight before celiac), I feel great, and I don’t think I’ve ate healthier in my life! Every time I step on the scale I’m thankful for your guidance and teaching. Thanks!”
Dirk W., Pennsylvania

“Every time I go to the store, I notice how healthier the items in the cart look. I mean, before, I wasn’t even shopping because for two or three years, I mainly ate fast food, or if I did go to the market, it was for frozen pizza, etc. About my weight loss, it is incredible how well I’ve done in such a short time, and I’m proud of that and realize that a lot of hard work remains, but I know I couldn’t have done it without your guidance. My education about nutrition under you has been worth every single penny, and to me has been life-saving. I hope you realize how important of an impact you’ve made in helping to turn my life around and I hope all your other clients appreciate your talent and knowledge as much as I do.”
Michael K. (lost 100 lbs in 1 year!)

“Forget the fad diets. Cut through the confusing and often contradictory nutrition information. When you’re finally ready to change your life for real, hire Adrienne. Her impressive knowledge, humor, dedication, and empathy make her not only a powerful resource, but also a great ally. She will help you improve your health, your appearance, and your life. Stated simply, Adrienne is the real deal.”

“I am a 39 year old mom of 6 who was overweight, had hypothyroid issues, and on my way to being diabetic. I started working with Adrienne in July of 2012 and since then have eliminated many issues. At this point the pre-diabetes has been eliminated, and my sugar cravings are GONE! I have reduced my digestive issues to the point of no more heartburn, gas and/or bloating…I have reduced my weight by 19 pounds, and am able to workout daily now with knee troubles healing quickly. Adrienne is very attentive. She takes into consideration the person as a whole…her suggestions are true and make sense. Diet suggestions are easy to follow and work into your family’s lives. If you have the desire to change your life and become healthy, Adrienne will guide you to a healthy new YOU!”
Michelle A.

“When I contacted Adrienne, I was overwhelmed and frustrated. My young daughter’s weight continued to climb, and nothing seemed to work. All the trend diets made it worse – which one was right? Working with Adrienne was great. She educated us in bite size pieces, and suggested small changes to our diet over time. Our diet is healthier now, and even better, our daughter’s weight is now in a healthy range!”
-Ilsa B

“I have felt more at peace with my body because I am doing something about it to make a change. Knowing that puts me at ease. That being said, it allows me to appreciate my Saturday evening unhealthy meal even more because I know it won’t throw me off track. I have seen a decrease in my size, which makes me very happy. Keep those new recipes coming! I really like the vegetable recipes. Getting a variety in how I have my veggies is a big challenge and I want my list of recipes for veggies to be constantly expanding. Thank you for everything, Adrienne.”
J.K., New York City
Client (half-way through Foundations of Health Program)

“Working with Adrienne has helped immensely. When we first started working together, I was under my ideal weight and had chronic heartburn, shooting pains in my stomach, and experienced mental fogginess and fatigue.

Over the past few months, I’ve gained 6+ lbs (in a healthy way) and feel great at my current weight. My energy became plentiful about halfway into the program and my digestive symptoms are now zero – my stomach doesn’t hurt and I’m no longer experiencing heartburn. I feel so much better and I’ve learned to look at my food and figure out how it is affecting my body, I’ve also been given the tools and resources to continue on this path to better health.”
Dirk W., Kentucky

“My nutrition session with Adrienne was the most well-rounded dietetic session I have ever experienced. She is a unique dietitian in that she approaches all aspects of nutrition and wellness scientifically and holistically for better health. She has client specific sessions and programs that fit your needs and a very relaxed non-condemning approach that helps you reach your goals on step at a time. I had no confusion when the session was completed as to what direction I should be pursuing regarding my nutrition and holistic health. She did not give me a paper of a few guidelines and send me on my way but instead gave me specific goals and clear direction. She is a very good asset to the nutrition and health community. Thanks Adrienne and best of health to you as well.”
Misty M.

Halfway through Foundations of Health Program:
“Quick note. I am now in my ideal weight and pretty much all my clothes from 10 years ago, fit again. Thanks Adrienne!”
L.M., Pennsylvania

“In 2012 I was working for a company which hired Adrienne as a health coach for employees. At the time, I’d been working with a trainer who emphasized a high protein diet. I was thrilled with my strength improvements and 20 lb weight loss, but very concerned about new acne breakouts on my chin. To combat the acne, I did all I knew to do at the time, I saw an esthetician once month at about $75 dollars a visit. While these facials were relaxing and helpful, they didn’t treat the root cause of my breakouts.

Adrienne suspected a connection between the amount of type of protein I consumed and the location of my breakouts. She kindly and patiently recommended (over 3-4 visits) that I consider eliminating it from my diet and see what would happen. While I was resistant, I finally relented. To my surprise, in weeks my acne became less severe. In time it virtually disappeared…three years later, I book facials less often and for the enjoyment, not for acne control. I have them once every several months, versus every month. Had I not consulted Adrienne, I might have spent another $2250 on facials by now. I might still be fighting acne too.

For the record I’ve regained and lost the same 20 lbs. This time I’m fueling myself with great primary food, increasing my vegetables and fruit, seeds, and nuts, and scheduling exercise regularly with built in accountability. I’m hopeful that I’m finding my ideal body weight and that the weight will stay off this time.

I’ve not figured out how to quantify the other things I’ve gained from our time together, but I sure do appreciate the influence you’ve had on my life. Thank you Adrienne!”
Gloria E, July 2015

“Over the course of working together, I have noticed the following: I’m eating healthier, not having as many cravings between meals, making positive changes with snacking, am more aware of ingredients and food purity, have really scaled back on artificial sweeteners, feel waaay less bloated, and more satisfied with my life!”
Maryann M.

“In less than two months, I’ve lost 10lbs and I feel my energy has been repleted. I managed to give up Diet Coke and your suggestions for my bedtime have helped me sleep deeper. I’m also utilizing the stress management techniques we’ve talked about and feel more at peace. My food is better and our work together has helped me to see connections between certain foods and my skin. I look forward to the coming months and the changes we’ll make. Thank you!”
Katie M.

“Over our past 6 months of working together, my life has seen quite a few triumphs as well as setbacks. I’m learning to accept that life will never be in a perfect state for me to make 101 changes, but that I can choose how I react to circumstances and that my small changes have already added up to me feeling like a different person! I’ve paying attention to what, and how much, I consume. I’ve noticed how water affects my skin and energy levels. I’m using more whole grains in my cooking and experiencing better digestion. I’m organizing my breakfasts and staying away from foods which I now know are irritating or causing me pain. I value our sessions so much that I’m doing another 6 months! They are a time for me to spill my feelings and work through my challenges. I always leave feeling so much lighter, refreshed, and motivated. You really light a fire in me to do the things I want to do for myself!”
Gracie S.

“I may have M.S. [Multiple Sclerosis] but I feel like a million bucks!”

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